Removal of Docks in Ice Conditions

Your don't have to...

Ice has no affect on the EZ Dock System. Since an EZ Dock requires only an inch of water to float, the docks will “pop” to the top of the ice when the water freezes, much like an ice cube tray.

The YMCA of Greater NY selected EZ Dock for a number of reasons, one of which was the historical issue of removing docks in the Fall and then installing them again in the Spring. Not only was this a significant effort and expense requiring a large number of staff members dedicated to this activity, the removal of the docks actually caused damage which had to be repaired each year.

This picture was taken at the camp after a 20” ice condition for most of the winter which had no affect on the EZ Dock System. The only time you should have concern with ice conditions is when there is a significant ice flow since this often takes pilings and other anchoring systems with the ice flow as well as the dock system.


But should you want to remove your docks...

If you want to remove the docks for winter storage it is easily accomplished using the EZ Dock Dock Wheels (Part# 90050 - pictured below) which attach to the docks and allow you to “tow” the docks while connected from the water to land. Another method of removing the docks is to place PVC pipe on land and use the pipe as the roller system when towing the docks from the water.

picture of wheels used to move dock sections