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Why Lease

Leasing may save you money

In today's marketplace, more companies acquire capital equipment with lease financing rather than term loans. In fact, according to the Equipment Lease and Finance Association, eight out of ten US companies finance some or all of their equipment.

No matter what your business size, industry or objectives, financing is a strategic decision and is one that provides ample financial and technological advantages for all acquisitions.

Advantages of Leasing vs. Buying

  Leasing Buying
Down Payment None 100% Financing Usually Between 10-20%
Monthly Payment Fixed Rate: Even if inflation occurs, payments stay the same Variable Rate: If market interest rates rise, so do payments
Tax Benefits 100% Deductible Tax Depreciation of life of asset Principal not deductible
Cash Flow Customizable programs allow for manageable budget and cash flow Large upfront capital required
Opportunity Costs Frees bank lines and cash for future investments Ties up credit lines, prohibiting other investments
Reporting Off-Balance Sheet Financing Carried on Balance Sheet as debt
Future Value Lessee bears no risk of future Market value When disposing of equipment, owner bears risk of future market value
Flexibility Can upgrade or replace current equipment to keep assets technologically up-to-date The equipment is owned, with no options for flexibility

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