Commercial Applications

Commercial ventures such as the Nations's Triathlon and Marinas use EZ Dock

International Expo

International Exposition - Vinexpo 2007

EZ Dock is used for a walkway across a half mile lake and since this is the International Site for VinExpo red carpeting was added.

vinexpo uses ezdock spanning 1/2 mile of water


Camps & Parks

Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting, Rowing, Swimming, Sailing, Fishing, and Relaxing

YMCA's across the country selected the EZ Dock System for their three lakes for a number of reasons, two of the most important were safety and cost. The EZ Dock system has no wood to cause splinters and no metal causing cuts, two problems associated with the use of wood or metal docks. The EZ Dock system is much less expensive due to the ability to leave them in the water year round as ice has no affect on the dock system. Previously the staff at the YMCA camp removed the docks each winter and installed them again the next Spring which was very costly as well as damaging to the dock system causing the need for repairs each year.

ymca camp using ezdock, ezdock in ice

The EZ Dock system requires no maintenance and the configuration can be changes in a few hours as swim requirements change.

Whether your park facility has lodging or not, if it’s on the waterfront, EZ Dock will be able to help you convert it into a place that will appeal to families and water sport enthusiasts alike. EZ Dock’s low maintenance floating dock system will allow you to easily configure waterfronts for any activity:

  • Recreation events: Everything from staging plays to holidayevents, EZ Dock can help you design and install the perfect modular dock, floating walkway, dock rental station, or fishing pier completely customized to fit any waterfront. EZ Dock even has the accessories to turn floating docks into nature walkways for an unforgettable water park experience. Choose from an array of accessories that include benches, swim ladders, railings, weather resistant storage containers, dock boxes and water slides.
  • Water sport and boating activities: With EZ Dock, you can configure your waterfront into a network of floating boat docks, swim platforms, dive stations, and jet ski ports. To help transport and stabilize watercraft, EZ Dock has boat lifts, as well as tie down cleats, which can easily be added to any floating dock or walkway. To protect walkways and watercrafts, EZ Dock has polyurethane docking bumpers to keep watercraft riders from damaging the docks or their watercraft.
  • EZ Dock is perfect for recreation sites because of the low maintenance. The docks do not stain and can be left alone for months without worry. The patented connecting coupler system requires a special tool to deter vandalism. And since you are a member organization, EZ Dock understands the pressures of government/organization budget cuts.

Contact your EZ Dock dealer for design ideas for your park site



Whether you own or are looking to develop a large or small marina, EZ Dock can help you to design and install a custom dock system. If your needs are simply for a fishing pier or a more complex docking system that includes boat lifts, drive on docks for PWC (personal watercraft), or dock accessories, we have something to fit your needs.

EZ Dock has helped create thousands of marinas throughout the world. Our experienced engineering team can help you choose a dock layout that will maximize the space you have available while maintaining local regulations; or we can recommend ways to upgrade your existing slips.

Call your EZ Dock dealer today to learn more about marina dock products from EZ Dock.

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Commercial Applications - County Marina

pictures of County Marina
Large boat docked beside EZ Docks
Large boat docked beside EZ Docks
Large boat docked beside EZ Docks
Large boat docked beside EZ Docks

Security/Fleet Docking with EZ Dock

picture of military installation

EZ Dock offers ideal solutions for military or police force needs. Even if it is just for research purposes or a full-blown coast guard fleet, EZ Dock can offer you a solution which best suits your needs.

We have training configurations for diving, swimming, etc. And our EZ Port PWC lifts provide safe and EZ launching so you can get where you need to be quick. EZ Dock can also show you ways to create an excellent layout for emergency situations should they occur. Call your EZ Dock dealer and let us help with your mission.


Waterfront Dining & Entertainment Establishments

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dining picture

Dining In or Out?

Is your business establishment on or near a waterfront, or have you ever thought about adding boat slips or PWC lifts to make your establishment accessible to drive-up water traffic? The possibilities are endless with EZ Dock. Whether it's an upgrade from an old existing dock, or a brand new idea to boost business, EZ Dock can design and build a variety of modular floating boat docks, watercraft ports, along with all the accessories to make your custom dock system a reality.


Ever thought about having a patio added to your café or restaurant? With EZ Dock, you can add a floating patio/pier connected to a network of boat docks and walkways. You could also add winch-on and drive-on boat lifts or PWC lifts to open up your eating establishment to watercraft traffic.


Looking to expand or upgrade your nightclub or entertainment establishment? If you want to setup your dock for entertainment purposes, all you need is a few modular dock sections or piers and you'll have a great dance floor or party area for your patrons to enjoy. Even if you only need extra space for the big holiday venue, EZ Dock can easily be inserted for the big event and dismantled after your patrons go home. Call your EZ Dock dealer today to expand your commerical docking options.

Nation's Triathlon

Another Creative Application Provided by EZ Dock!

EZ Dock handles 3400 swimmers in less than 2 hours.

In 2006, the first Nation's Triathlon took place in Washington, DC, with an ambitious goal: to become the largest, most organized and well-produced triathlon in the world.

Now in its third year, this stellar athletic event has partnered with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) to become the first triathlon to help cure blood cancers: leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

On September 14 we attended the event and captured the following pictures which represented 3,400 participants in the first event of three - The Swim - 1.5K using the EZ Dock system for entering and existing the Potomac River.

For a look at pictures and videos of the event click here.

Boaters Church

Located near Richmond, VA - a new “wave” in Churches

Perhaps our most unusual application thus far...

This floating church is called “Boaters Church at The Dock” and is a ministry of Poplar Springs Baptist Church in Henrico, VA.

The church is floated from a private lake out into the James River for church services on Sunday. After services the church is floated back to its private lake until next week.

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Commercial Applications - Boaters Church

vinexpo 2013