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Boat Ramp

somers point boat ramp
Somers Point, NJ

Boat Ramps

EZ Docks have been installed in numerous municipalities. Public Boat Ramp (PBR) designs have a number of challenges when balancing safety with productivity. 

Due to the heavy demand for usage during peak hours it is important to provide a design that allows multiple boat launchings while remaining focused on safety during the launch and recovery of boats.  EZ Dock provides the safest environment as you can design the docking system to accommodate any tidal change in water depth while continuing to provide a seamless floating dock system allowing multiple customers to be serviced at the same time.

Due to the ability of the docks to float or rest on sand, dirt, mud or concrete without damaging the dock system you eliminate the danger of fixed docks that are high above the water surface requiring boaters to “lead” the boat into the water while performing a balancing act on pilings, raised docks or bulkheads.

saugerties boat ramp
Saugerties, NY

The EZ Dock System provides a system that can be used in the middle of the boat ramp allowing boaters to use both sides or docks can be placed on either edge of the boat ramp for simultaneous launching activities with two to four boats at a time.
The stability of the EZ Dock System is unmatched in the industry and the docks are designed to withstand the extreme storm activity associated with many open bay PBR locations.  The combination of safety, stability and maintenance free characteristics makes EZ Dock the #1 choice in the industry.

EZ Docks are also installed at the municipal boat ramp installation in Beesley's Point, NJ. These docks have been there since the year 2000 with no issues. This installation is on a very rough open salt water bay that experiences extreme storm activity and brutal seas. As much as 80% of the dock sits on concrete, rock and beach during a “blow-out” tide.

Beesley's point pictureBeesley's point dock
Beesley's Point, NJ

Another municipal dock installation is in Brigantine, NJ. See the article below describing the installation.

brigantine boat ramp picturebrigantine boat ramp picture
Brigantine, NJ

The following article appeared in the local Brigantine newspaper shortly after the installation.

Revamped boat ramp, floating dock nearly done

By RAY SCHWEIBERT   December 2007
Staff Writer

It seems as though municipalities sometimes have little control over the start-finish dates of major construction projects when grant money is involved. The upside to programs like the state’s Green Acres Grant Program and County/Municipal Open Space Partnership is that the city is spared much of the personal expense. The downside is that business can interfere with pleasure, such as when beach replenishment projects begin while summer is still in full swing, or when the municipal boat ramp closes for reconstruction while fishermen are still trying to catch stripers.

Ultimately, it is always worth the inconvenience. In the latter example, the city will soon have a boat ramp that is 20 feet longer than it was previously, meaning easier access to open water at low tide and no more trailer wheels falling off “the ledge.”

Additionally, the two floating docks positioned parallel to the expanded ramp will soon be replaced by those that are about as high-tech as floating platforms can get. City Manager Jim Barber and Public Works Superintendent Ernie Purdy attended the N.J. League of Municipalities Convention in November, and Purdy saw a presentation that tied in well with the timing of the boat-ramp reconstruction.

The presentation was for EZ Dock floating platforms, which are made in Missouri but are becoming the benchmark for floating docks in all marine environments. The same company manufactures the personal watercraft platforms that have become widespread throughout coastal New Jersey, and are now creating the floating docks that should eventually replace all the old barrel-like floats topped by wooden walkways.

“The fact that the city was intending to remove the existing floaters around the same time that we saw the presentation was kind of like fate,” said Purdy. “The new floaters are made of stainless steel and a hard plastic that is structurally better in every respect. If you saw the old wooden floaters after they were pulled out, there were barnacles all over them, some were leaking; the wood was all rotted. The new EZ Dock system will be maintenance free for about 15-20 years. And the price came in so much cheaper than the wooden floaters.”

The EZ floaters are easier to assemble than the traditional floating docks, and Purdy described the parts fitting together “like an erector set.” Their stability is better, they do not require bumper reinforcement (like the old tire or fire-hose pieces commonly seen on wooden docks), they are easier to clean, and their compression force is superior. Wooden floaters must have pilings spaced at least 10 feet apart to be structurally sound, whereas EZ floaters can have as much as 20 feet between pilings.

“Public Works typically has to retrieve about 20 wooden floaters a year that break free from pilings,” said Purdy. “These things can withstand much more punishment. In Somers Point they’re everywhere, and some of them are out in the main channel and stay put even in gale-force winds.

The new municipal boat ramp/floating dock project should be completed, weather permitting, by Jan. 18 according to City Engineer Ed Stinson.

Beach Walkway

Beach Walkway

somers point boat ramp
EZ Dock - sunk in sand with curbing

EZ Dock now provides the ultimate walkway for municipalities to assist in both general public and handicapped access. The issue of providing the public a safe, stable but maintenance free walkway across the beach to the water is now available from EZ Dock.

No more burned feet on those hot summer days, no more maintenance of wood, metal or composite walkways. This is a life time walkway that can be installed in hours, not days or weeks, and changed in less time should requirements change. Designed to be at the level of the beach or up to 15" above the sand EZ Dock provides the ultimate in a beach walkway.

saugerties boat ramp
EZ Dock - above the surface

The polyethylene manufactured walkway resists heat and will never burn a bather's feet. It is also the perfect platform for handicapped access as the surface is stable and designed to allow easy wheel chair access. A variety of accessories are also provided including railings, curbing, anchoring, benches, umbrella brackets, water towers, life ring holders, etc.

beach walk picture
EZ Dock - transition to the water

EZ Dock is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and requires no maintenance. It is light enough to easily move but designed for very demanding use. A transition to the water can be added for those installations interested.



This customer uses EZ Dock in a pool environment for simulated helicopter crash escape procedures as well as NASA Space Capsule splash down recovery. The blue helicopter cabin is placed in the pool bottom up and occupants are asked to escape in a simulated helicopter crash over water similar to circumstances encountered when commuting to off shore oil rigs.

The Space Capsule has a similar application since upon entering the water specific parts of the capsule are ejected automatically allowing occupants to exit. The tarp suspended from the EZ Dock installation allow easier collection of the parts that are ejected in the simulation exercises.

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