Industrial Applications

EZ Dock is Strong and Durable

EZ Dock has become the floating dock system of choice for industrial applications as well as commercial, residential and government for many of the same reasons. Durability, stability, safety, capacity and life expectancy. Of significant importance for industrial applications is the portability of the dock solution since it is light weight, modular and easily stored and transported. A large system can be installed in hours, not days or weeks and disassembly is just as easy.

Features & Benefits

  • Made in the USA
  • Excellent stability on water
  • Low or virtually no maintenance
  • Beige “cool-to-touch” color
  • Safe, slip-resistant surface
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Secure connection couplers
  • Chemical resistant
  • Versatile modular design
  • Expandable for future growth
  • Anchoring systems for all conditions
  • Four-season accessibility
  • Custom designs available

One 80” X 10' dock section is capable of supporting a 4,000 lb. load and the system provides a live load of 62.5 pounds per square foot (lb/ft2). The individual dock section consists of a specified number of interior air filler pylons. These pylons provide for flotation in the event of a breach of an exterior wall of the dock section as well as the structural support for the deck portion of the float. Each pylon is capable of supporting the dead load plus a live load of 55 pounds.

The industrial projects below that rely on EZ Dock provide some examples of how EZ Dock has become the system of choice. Please contact us for more information. We provide delivery and installation services as well for customers or training on the use of the installation tool for local installation. EZ Dock provides an eight year product warranty on the docks.

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Industrial Applications

Pictures showing various industrial applications using EZ Dock products